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Hampton T. Northup was born on 10 March 1782, the child of Daniel and Ann Hampton (Collins) Northup He married Jane Dean (b. 28 Mar 1784 Cumberland, Allegany, Md; d. 20 Jan 1850?/Aug 1830 ?) on 18 Oct 1807; in Raccoon, Gallia, Oh. Hampton died on 17 Nov 1838; Gallia Co., Oh.

He was captured as an infant by the Indians and lived with them for some time, even going back as an adult, several times. Following, are two differing acocunts of this adventure:

One is - - That about the age of 7 , he was playing with an older brother near a stream but the older brother hid under a foot bridge and escaped capture. Hampton remained with the Indians for about 14 years. He had learned to read and write before his capture. He was found by missionaries for whom he acted as interpreter. He retained some of their habits until death. He is said to have returned to the Indians and cared for the old squaw who mothered him.

Another is - - The settlers were living at a block house which was located at the fork of two streams, one was called "The Big Sandy". They had been clearing the land between the streams and had stopped for dinner. They left a sentry on guard but a number of Indians came down stream unnoticed by the sentry, and hid near the block house, so that when the men returned to their work the Indians were between them and the fort, intending to cut them off and drive them back into an ambush. But the settlers fought their way back and drove the Indians away. Hampton and another boy were carried off for 100 miles or more to an Indian village. They were about 12 years of age. They were stripped of their clothes and were told to catch a pony, having to run through brambles and bushes tearing their flesh. Hampton was gritty and spunky and stuck it out but the other boy gave up and was tormented and killed by the Indian children. A squaw took Hampton under her care and protected and mothered him while he lived with the Indians. He grew to be expert in swimming and all Indian habits and practices. A missionary to the Indians found him and used him as an interpreter. When the missionary returned to the settlements, he told them in a service how the Lord had given him an interpreter. Hampton's parents were in the audience and on inquiry they decided it was their son, whom they had grieved as lost. They arranged with the missionary and a friendly Indian for their son's rescue. Hampton often entertained the family and friends by Indian dances, etc.

Hampton Northup married Jane Dean, and his son Stephen Monroe Northup was born in 1819 in Gallia Co., Ohio. He (Stephen M.) married Eliza Gilbert. Two of his cousins married his wife's sisters. After Hampton's death, his widow married James McCall who was the widower of Hampton's sister.
There is some question as to the identity of his wife, Jane Dean, or by some accounts, Elizabeth Jane Dean; as she was married to Hampton's brother-in-law, James McCall, after his wife, Hampton's sister and Hampton died. Some accounts say this sister's name was Elizabeth Jane Northup, an unlikely coincidence, since the birthdate is the same. In other words, James McCall first married Hampton's sister, Elizabeth Jane Northup, and after she died and also her brother, Hampton, he married Hampton's widow, Elizabeth Jane (Dean) Northup. Are we to believe He was married to two Elizabeth Jane Northups with the same birth date?? It seemed unlikely this mystery may ever be cleared up. To add to the genealogical confusion in this family, there are some Northup/McCall marriages in suceeding generations as well.

According to the book "Marriage Records, 1803-1850, Gallia County, Ohio put our by the Gallia County Genealogical Society, on page 52, it lists Hampton Northup married Elizabeth Dean on Oct. 18, 1807 by Samuel Blagg. On page 46 of that same book, it shows that James McCall married Elizabeth Northup on Dec. 22, 1829 by Nicholas Thevinen.

Elizabeth Dean Northup McCall died in August 1859 in Vermillonville, IL

Then I received the following excerpt from Joanne Galvin, descendent of Elizabeth Jane Northup McCall:

"I have a photo copy of a page in a book called Gallia County Ohio, People in History to 1980, published by the Gallia County Historical Society.

There is a page entitled McCall Family in which it discussed Elizabeth Jane Northup, sister of Hampton and Thomas Northup marrying James C. McCall.
It lists her date of birth as March 28, 1784 and date of death as January 10, 1830. States that James McCall married Jane Dean Northup, widow of Hampton Northup after Elizabeth Jane's death and lists their two children, William Francis, b Oct 9, 1831, d Oct 6, 1907 and Ormazinda born Oct. 7, 1833.
Therefore, Elizabeth Jane Northup McCall and Jane Dean Northup McCall are not one and the same person but in fact sisters-in-law and first and second wives of James C. McCall."

I still find that somewhat hard to sort out, as they are listed as having the same birth date, although they have different death dates. It is likely then that Hampton's wife, and second wife to James McCall was Jane Dean, and not Elizabeth Jane Dean.

This also, from Joanne confirms without a doubt that Elizabeth Jane Dean remarried James McCall after the death of Hampton Northup.

From "Abstracts of Gallia County Chancery Records, 1835-1852", page 3:

Aldis Harrington vs. Stephen, Eleanor, Sarah and Nancy Northup.
Ch. 1, 39-42. Apr. 12, 1836. SEct. 13-5-15 which is Green Twp. Hampton E. Northup of Huntington died owning this land. Hampton had bought it from Daniel Northup Feb. 26, 1806. Elizabeth, widow of Hampton, remarried to James McCall. Heirs of Hampton, each entitled to one-eighth part were Polly, Anna who married Jesse Ingels, Joseph D., Jane, Stephen, Eleanor, Sarah, and Nancy Northup. Harrington of Huntington bought.

Joanne Galvin

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Hampton Northup Family

Children of Hampton and Elizabeth Northup

D. Mar 08, 1880 D. Feb 20, 1841
Mary Polly Northup B. 24 SEP 1808 M. Thomas DIXON
Anna Northup B. 10 MAY 1809 M. Jesse Ingels
Joseph NORTHUP 2 FEB 1814 in Raccoon, Gallia Co., OH m. Mary Irion d. Aug 22, 1862
Jane NORTHUP b. 1817 m. 1.) SHAW, JOHN W. ; LA SALLE County, Il.: 12/08/1841 2.) Isaac Harrington 3.) Joseph Blaylock d. 1872
Stephen Monroe Northup b. 23 Jan 1819 in Gallia Co., Ohio m. Harriet Eliza Gilbert (b. 8 DEC 1819 in Gallia Co., Ohio) 21 DEC 1843 in Gallia Co., OH d. 9 Mar 1903 Woodston, Rooks Co., KS
Ellen (or Eleanor?) Northup B. Feb 18, 1821 M. Isaac Jeffries D. Dec 13, 1851
Sarah Northup B. Mar 04, 1823 M.
Nancy NORTHUP b. 29 MAY 1825 in Meigs Co., VA m. Jacob Marion Argubright (b: 28 OCT 1816 in Meigs Co., VA) BEF. JAN 1843 in LaSalle Co., IL d. Jan 02, 1901 in Vermionville, IL